Common Solar Panel Issues and Solutions 1

Common Solar Panel Issues and Solutions

Common Solar Panel Issues and Solutions 2


Solar panel systems have become increasingly popular around the world. They are environmentally friendly, save homeowners money in the long run, and offer the best return on investment over any other energy saving upgrade. However, like any other technology or equipment, solar panels run into issues at times, causing headaches for homeowners. Let’s dive into some of the most common issues solar panel owners experience and the solutions to resolve them.

Balance of System Issues

The balance of system (BoS) comprises all the components of a solar power system other than the solar panels, including the inverter, cabling, and electrical switchgear. These parts are essential for converting DC power generated by the panels to AC power for distribution to the grid.

The Box failure is the most common problem with BoS systems. This failure can be due to a faulty connection, excessive heat due to a lack of ventilation, or circuit overloads from too many devices running simultaneously. Proper ventilation and regular maintenance of these components are key to preventing Box failure.

Solar Panel Damage

As durable as solar panels are, they are still vulnerable to physical damage, extreme weather conditions, and other environmental factors. Damage to the panels decreases the efficiency of the system, leading to a lower output of electricity.

The most common cause of broken panels is debris such as tree limbs, hailstones, or other airborne objects. To avoid damage, it is crucial to keep nearby trees and structures trimmed regularly. Ensure that the panels are securely mounted to prevent wind damage, which can also be a common issue.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are common if you have too many solar panels that your electrical installation can handle. When too much electricity is produced, an electrical overload can occur. This overload can cause the system to shut down, and regular power supply can interrupt.

Another problem is electrical arcs (sparks), which usually occur when a cable drops or rubs against a sharp edge. These arcs usually result in ventilation issues, integrated security systems, and potential hazards in your home. Your electrical system should always have a fuse or circuit breaker that trips off the instant there is an overload.

Maintenance Issues

The most common issues are due to lack of maintenance. Lack of maintenance causes the system to deteriorate and can lead to lower efficiency levels.

System overgrowth, dirt accumulation, and leaves covering panels can reduce efficiency by blocking sunlight. Replacing faulty components, cleaning the panels regularly and using a solar-film can help you maintain your system’s efficiency longer.


Solar panel systems are a great investment that one can make to save money and follow environmental practices. However, the systems require attention to run smoothly. Regular maintenance and checks will keep the system at peak performance, ensuring fewer issues and tangible cost savings. If problems do occur, most solutions are simple and can be resolved with regular maintenance from a certified solar panel technician. Interested in finding out more about the subject covered in this piece?, full of additional and valuable information to complement your reading.

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