Workflow Optimization for Procreate App 1

Workflow Optimization for Procreate App

Workflow Optimization for Procreate App 2

Overview of Procreate App

The Procreate app has become a popular choice for artists and designers across the globe due to its extensive set of features, such as its vast array of brushes, brushes customization settings, and powerful layering capabilities.

Workflow Optimization Tips

Customizing the Interface

The Procreate app interface can be customized to create a personalized workspace that directly supports an artist’s workflow. Artists can take advantage of the app’s customizable swatches, advanced settings, and color tools to ensure their workspace fosters productivity.

Organizing Your Assets

Procreate offers several tools to help with content creation and asset organization. The app’s “Gallery” features advanced folder options, providing a streamlined way to organize and access work, supporting fast and easy access to common brushes and colors.

Streamlining Brush Customization

When procreating, it’s essential to have a variety of brushes readily available that suit different art styles and techniques. The Procreate app provides an extensive library of brushes that can be customized to suit an artist’s unique needs.

Optimizing Layer Management

Layer management is a vital aspect of an artist’s workflow, and Procreate has an impressive layer system that allows for seamless creation of various pieces of artwork at high resolutions. By using the layer selection gestures and the layer management UI present in the Procreate app, managing layers during a project becomes much faster and more natural.

Using Quick Shapes and Symmetry

Artists can leverage the app’s shape tool to streamline the creation of basic shapes and lines, making repetitive tasks more productive. The Procreate app also includes symmetry options that artists can take full advantage of for creating intricate and visually stunning designs. Interested in deepening your understanding of the topic? procreate classes, find more details and supplementary information to further enrich your learning experience.


The Procreate app’s ability to streamline a designers or artist’s workflow makes it an excellent tool for anyone in the digital art or design industry. By leveraging the app’s varied functionality options and customization abilities, artists and designers can streamline their workflow and improve their productivity. By using the tips mentioned above, artists can get the most out of the Procreate app and focus on what matters, their creating their best art.

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