How Physical Therapy Can Aid in Post-Surgery Recovery 1

How Physical Therapy Can Aid in Post-Surgery Recovery

How Physical Therapy Can Aid in Post-Surgery Recovery 2

The Role of Physical Therapy in Post-Surgery Recovery

Physical therapy is a branch of healthcare that helps patients regain mobility by using various techniques, such as stretching, exercise, and massage. Post-surgery recovery involves a healing process that aims to restore normalcy to the body. Physical therapy can be a crucial part of this process because it involves non-invasive methods that can help the patient avoid invasive surgeries that can cause further harm to the body.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can provide numerous benefits for patients recovering from surgery. Here are a few ways physical therapy can help:

  • Reduced pain: After a major surgery, pain is inevitable, but it can be managed through physical therapy. A physical therapist can teach patients how to stretch and exercise the affected area, which can ease pain and help patients regain mobility.
  • Improved range of motion: Physical therapy can help patients improve their range of motion, which means they can move their limbs more easily and smoothly.
  • Improved balance: Many physical therapists work on balance exercises with their patients, which can reduce the likelihood of falls and other injuries.
  • Increased strength: Surgery-induced immobility can often lead to muscle weakness. Physical therapy can help build strength and muscle tone.
  • Faster recovery times: Physical therapy can help speed up the recovery process and help patients get back to their daily activities quicker.
  • Types of Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

    Depending on the nature and extent of the surgery, there are various types of physical therapy that patients can opt for:

  • Orthopedic: This type of physical therapy addresses musculoskeletal issues. It focuses on regaining mobility and strength in areas such as the joints or limbs.
  • Cardiovascular/pulmonary: Physical therapists in this field help patients who have difficulty with their breathing or circulation. They may use exercise to improve pulmonary function, for example, or teach patients how to breathe more easily after a cardiothoracic surgery.
  • Neurological: This type of physical therapy is for patients who have undergone brain or spinal surgeries. Physical therapists in this field use exercises to improve coordination, balance, and mobility.
  • What to Expect in a Physical Therapy Session

    Physical therapy is typically an outpatient procedure; patients go to the therapist’s office for their appointments. The first session typically involves the therapist assessing the patient’s range of motion, balance, and strength. The therapist may ask about the patient’s medical history, and what their goals are for physical therapy. Subsequent appointments can involve exercises, stretches, and massages, which the patient should do at home until the next session. The therapist will monitor the patient’s progress, gradually adjusting the exercises as the patient’s mobility and strength improve.

    The Importance of a Skilled Physical Therapist

    The role of a skilled physical therapist is important in post-surgery recovery. Physical therapy should be supervised by a licensed professional with experience and expertise in the field. When selecting a therapist, it is essential to choose someone with whom the patient feels comfortable and can communicate easily. A good physical therapist can create a personalized plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs and goals and tailor it to their recovery timeline. Enhance your knowledge about the topic using this external resource we’ve compiled for you.

    In Conclusion

    Physical therapy can be a crucial aspect of post-surgery recovery and has been proven to be effective in reducing pain, improving range of motion, and restoring balance and strength. Patients should always speak with their doctor before beginning any physical therapy routine to ensure they are healthy enough to engage in it. With the help of a skilled and experienced physical therapist, patients can expedite their return to normal everyday activities.

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