The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Real and Fake Instagram Followers 1

The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Real and Fake Instagram Followers

Why Real Followers Matter?

There is a world of difference between having followers and having real followers. At first glance, it may look like a huge number with thousands of followers on your Instagram account. But, if these followers are brought, then they are of no use. The negative impacts can stretch beyond vanity metrics. So, what’s the point of having an enormous number of followers if not authentic? Here, in this article, we’ll explore the difference between real and fake Instagram followers and their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s get started! Interested in learning more about the topic discussed?, where you’ll find extra information and interesting perspectives to further enhance your learning experience.

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers?

Fake followers are typically purchased in bulk, creating a mass influx of new followers for an account in a short amount of time. The quality of these followers is generally poor. They can be spotted easily because the profiles will have inadequate numbers of posts relative to their age, limited engagement, and they will mostly follow back numerous accounts. Here are some other ways to spot fake Instagram followers.

  • Low Engagement: Fake followers will have low profiles with limited activity, often posting only a few times a month, or they will increase their posts all at once.
  • Similar Interactions: Fraudulent accounts will have very similar interactions, such as comments with only few words, emojis, or generic phrases. Real followers would tend to express their feelings, thought, and opinions through their comments.
  • Buyer Accounts: Generally, sellers of fake followers have multiple buyer accounts, and they use these accounts to leave comments on their posts which serve to encourage buyers to purchase fake followers.
  • Why do People Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

    The buying of followers is a common technique used by influencers, businesses, companies, and public figures to increase their reach. These fake followers can make it look like a person or product has numerous and many loyal followers, projecting an image of popularity.

    Most of the brands and companies tend to buy fake followers to boost their profits. Perhaps they know that people won’t hesitate to trust a company that has thousands of followers. This implies that as the follower counts increase, the brand or company gets more popular, which means more profits and positive recognition for the business.

    Real Followers: Key Benefits and Challenges

    Real followers are considered as the backbone of your Instagram account. They are interested in what you share and like and follow you for the sincerity you showcase in your content. Hence, let’s explore the benefits and challenges of real Instagram followers.


  • Increased Avidity: Real followers comment, like, and share your content, resulting in increased engagement and ultimately increasing your reach.
  • Quality of engagement: Genuine engagement from real followers can assist you in finding out what is working and what is not. By understanding their attraction points and responding to their comments and queries, you can improve the quality of your content.
  • Authenticity: Real Instagram followers are genuine and can have a positive influence on the account and will contribute to your overall brand/image.
  • Challenges:

    It is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to nurturing real Instagram followers. One of the significant challenges is that the time investment required to grow a genuine following that will engage with your content. Few things to keep in mind to reach your goal:

  • Patience and Persistence: Real followers are challenging to gain, and it can take time and effort to build an audience that is loyal to you.
  • Increases Competition: Genuine followers will increase competition amongst your loyal audience, so the content needs to be better than your competitor’s.
  • Conclusion: Value your Authenticity

    Instagram is an incredible platform and availing it is essential to grow your business and engagement. When it comes to followers on Instagram, quantity isn’t always king. Successful engagement with your audience is the key indicator for measuring the success of your account.

    It is always better to have a small number of authentic followers than a vast number of fake followers that don’t mean anything. It’s better to put in the effort to grow a loyal and genuine audience that engage with your content regularly, rather than going for the easy option. The benefits of authentic followers extend beyond mere numbers: they reiterate your authenticity while adding value to your brand image. Expand your knowledge with this external content!, check out the recommended website.

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