Incorporating Barn Doors into Your Farmhouse-Style Home Decor 1

Incorporating Barn Doors into Your Farmhouse-Style Home Decor

History of Barn Doors in Farmhouses

Barn doors have become a popular feature in modern farmhouse-style homes, but their origins trace back to the 19th century. These doors were utilized in agricultural buildings, specifically on barns, to help maintain the temperature inside the structures, keeping livestock and crops safe from harsh weather conditions.

Types of Barn Doors

There are several types of barn doors that can be incorporated into your home decor. The first is the most traditional style: a sliding barn door. This door slides open and shut across the surface it is mounted on, using a rail system. The second style is a hinged barn door, which functions like a traditional door but has a more rustic appearance. Finally, there are bi-fold barn doors that open in the center, folding in half. Interested in exploring the topic further? Compare this, external material we’ve put together for you.

Materials for Barn Doors

Barn doors can be made from a variety of materials. The most common materials used are wood, metal, and glass. Each material choice has its own benefits, ranging from durability to visual appeal. Consider the design elements of your home and the purpose of the door when choosing the materials for your barn door.

Designing with Barn Doors

When incorporating barn doors into your home decor, consider the overall motif of the room and the color scheme. Opt for natural materials or warm colors that coincide with the farmhouse style. Additionally, if you’re incorporating a sliding barn door, make sure the rail and the door are correctly measured and installed to ensure smooth operation.

Applications for Barn Doors

Barn doors can be versatile additions to your home decor. These doors can serve as partitions for open-concept living spaces or as closet doors. Barn doors can also be great alternatives to traditional bathroom doors, providing a rustic and stylish element to the room. Additionally, outdoor spaces like patios and pool houses can be transformed into cohesive and farm-inspired spaces with the integration of barn doors.

DIY Barn Doors

Building your own barn door can be an enjoyable and affordable option. There are several tutorials and plans available online that cater to various levels of DIY ability. Before embarking on a DIY project like this, research the materials and tools needed, as well as the steps involved in building a functional and structurally sound barn door. Supplement your study with this recommended external source. Explore additional information and new perspectives on the topic covered in this article. barn door track, dive deeper into the subject.


Incorporating barn doors into your home decor can be a great way to add a unique, rustic feature to any room. By understanding the history, materials, and design elements involved with barn doors, you can confidently select and install the perfect barn door for your farm-inspired home.

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