The Advantages of Basket Centrifuges: A Comparison to Other Types 1

The Advantages of Basket Centrifuges: A Comparison to Other Types


In many industries, the ability to separate solids from liquids is crucial for production efficiency. There are numerous types of centrifuges on the market, but basket centrifuges stand out as some of the most effective machines for solid-liquid separation. In this article, we will explore how basket centrifuges compare to other types of centrifuges on the market and why they are the better choice for many industrial applications.

Basket Centrifuges vs. Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges are among the most popular solid-liquid separators on the market, but they are not always the best choice. They use a horizontal bowl that rotates at high speeds to separate solids and liquids, with two main components: the screw conveyor and the bowl. Alternatively, basket centrifuges use a vertical bowl rotating at high speeds to separate solids from liquids, using a removable basket. One significant difference between the two is that decanter centrifuges require a minimal amount of liquid in the process stream, while basket centrifuges can handle slurries with a higher percentage of solids. Basket centrifuges can manage over 50% solids in the mixture, which is crucial for some production applications, and they are also more effective in separating the liquid from the solids. On the other hand, decanter centrifuges use less energy and are less expensive than basket centrifuges.

The Advantages of Basket Centrifuges: A Comparison to Other Types 2

Basket Centrifuges vs. Scroll Centrifuges

Scroll centrifuges use a scroll-type design in which the feed slurry is injected into a stationary container and separated into solids and liquids through a gradual motion. While scroll centrifuges are effective, basket centrifuges are more versatile and have several advantages over scroll-type centrifuges. One of the significant benefits of basket centrifuges is that the basket can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. This is not possible with scroll centrifuges, which are permanently sealed and difficult to clean. Basket centrifuges are also better suited for fine particle separation, offering more continuous operation and higher capacity than scroll centrifuges. Another advantage of basket centrifuges over scroll centrifuges is that basket-type centrifuges can be controlled and adjusted to maximize the separation process.

Basket Centrifuges vs. Wastewater Centrifuges

Wastewater centrifuges are crucial for many water treatment facilities that need to separate solids from liquids. Although wastewater centrifuges are highly effective for wastewater treatment, they are not as versatile as basket centrifuges. For instance, basket centrifuges are better at handling a wide range of solids with varying particle sizes and shapes. Basket centrifuges can handle thicker sludges that cannot be effectively processed with traditional wastewater centrifuges. Furthermore, basket-type centrifuges have a much lower overall lifecycle cost than wastewater centrifuges.

Basket Centrifuges vs. Pusher Centrifuges

Pusher centrifuges use a rotating bowl to separate solid and liquid, but instead of a basket, they use a pusher mechanism to evacuate solids from the bowl. While pusher centrifuges can handle a relatively high volume of slurry, they are limited when it comes to the size of the particles they can handle. Unlike basket centrifuges, pusher centrifuges are not effective for fine particle separation and can lead to clogs and jams. Additionally, basket centrifuges produce drier solids and a clearer liquid, which means that they require less energy and maintenance as a result.


It is clear that basket centrifuges have several advantages over other types of centrifuges on the market. They are capable of handling higher concentrations of solids, more effective in separating liquid from solids, and can handle a much broader spectrum of solid particle sizes and shapes. They are also easier to clean and maintain, and have a lower overall lifecycle cost. While other types of centrifuges may have specific applications, for most customers, basket centrifuges offer significant benefits for a variety of industrial processes. Looking for more information on the subject? Decanter Centrifuge, where you’ll find extra details and fresh perspectives to further enhance your understanding of the topic discussed in the article.

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